Setup the DNS for the HostName

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The IP addresses and hostnames mentioned in this tutorial are not real and were used only for demonstration purposes. The droplet was destroyed after this tutorial was done.

We now have an IP address for our server. The next step is to make our hostname point to this IP address. >

This has to be done at the DNS provider. The DNS provider may be your hosting company or a third party (Amazon Route 53, ZoneEdit, DnsMadeEasy). Find out who provides the DNS services for your domain and then login to their interface. Set an A record that point's to your droplets IP address.

Here is a sample screen-shot that shows A record setup for

Add A record

Once you set the A record, it will normally take a few minutes for the record to propagate. Wait a while and then open your browser. Enter your hostname in the address-bar and check if it goes to your brand new droplet.

Apache Server @ Ubuntu droplet

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